︎Group show ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’︎

at Niru Ratnam

Vilte Fuller, Farnaz Gholami, Naira Mushtaq

'Through A Glass, Darkly' features the works of three artists, Vilte Fuller, Farnaz Gholami and Naira Mushtaq, who make paintings that draw on, but deliberately mis-remember, nudge and alter photographic source material that purportedly speaks of cultural histories, memories and the 'authentic'. Each artist makes work from the diaspora, having been born in Lithuania (Fuller), Iran (Gholami) and Pakistan (Mushtaq).

💎️Group show ‘Grand Opening’💎️
💎️At Superzoom, Paris

What baffles me is that people assume
I own, let alone can ride a bike
Oil on canvas,
102 x 102 cm
Fishing in prūdas,
Oil on Canvas
60 cm x 46 cm

Vilte Fuller (Left), Alexander James (Middle), Travis Fish (Right)

Install shots from group show ‘The Feeling is Mutual’
at Galerie Hussenot, Paris

I have a daughter now
Oil on Canvas
127 x 167 cm
Patriotic Dolphins
Oil, PVA and hair on canvas
50.8 x 76.2 cm